Social & Community

Through rugby, TIRF provides opportunities to learn new skills, create a positive social and professional network, explore new experiences, and achieve goals both on and off the pitch. Our non-rugby social and community programs are based on the values of:

  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Mentoring

Gainline Volunteer Program

In order to create an ethos of civic engagement and an awareness of community, TIRF requires each high school participant to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours. This can be completed at the club, school, or in the broader community.

Youth Advisory Council

TIRF provides youth registered in the program with leadership and representative opportunities. The Youth Advisory Council is one such opportunity. Through participation on this council, students are not only actively engaging in building the program, they develop and build leadership skills.

Playing for Keeps Micro-Grants

Through a partnership with Playing for Keeps, TIRF is able to provide organizations looking to organize neighbourhood games with small financial contributions to support their work in keeping our communities active and healthy.

Academic Support & Scholarships

TIRF highly values education. Just like cost should not be a barrier to participating in rugby, we believe that it should also not prevent capable youth the opportunity at an education. Thanks to the Doncaster Foundation, TIRF has provided scholarships to more than 12 youth in the last three years. Each year, students are invited to apply and have the opportunity to win full scholarships.

Career Connect

Through our network, TIRF is able to provide opportunities for our youth to explore various careers. We have had carpentry apprenticeships, financial services internships, and of course a summers with TIRF as Youth Rugby Development Internships. To date, we have provided more than 70 jobs to youth.