Daniella Popal

Daniella Popal

Project Manager

Daniella's extensive experience in the nonprofit sector in Toronto, coupled with her educational background in Fitness and Health Promotion, as well as a Bachelor of Health Science in Workplace Health and Wellness from Humber College, positions her well for her current role.

Having worked as an Intern, Team Lead, and Program Coordinator over the last four years, Daniella has gained a comprehensive understanding of the nonprofit landscape and developed valuable skills in administration, team leadership, and program coordination.

As the individual responsible for planning and managing TIRF events, Daniella's role involves direct engagement with youth aged 3 to 19, caring adults, and our partners-in-play. Her role maintains a focus on community involvement and a commitment to fostering positive relationships with various stakeholders.

Furthermore, Daniella's responsibility for creating and leading high-performing teams points to her strong leadership qualities. Managing all aspects of social media platforms indicates a proficiency in modern communication strategies and a commitment to outreach and engagement in the digital space.

In summary, Daniella's background, education, and experience equip her with the necessary skills to excel in her role, especially in event planning, youth engagement, team leadership, community outreach, and social media management within the nonprofit sector.