TIRF Appoints New Executive Director

Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundation appoints an interim Executive Director.

Replacing Ige Egal, TIRF’s outgoing executive director, Amanda Neale-Robinson is now carrying the ball and running at pace.

TORONTO, Ont. – 28 MARCH, 2018 – The board of directors of the Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundation (TIRF) are happy to announce the appointment of Amanda Neale-Robinson as interim executive director. Ms. Neale-Robinson is replacing Ige Egal, who is leaving the organization to pursue educational opportunities and explore development initiatives impacting the broader sport sector.

“The board welcomes Amanda as she steps into her new role,” commented Alan Broadbent, chair of the board of directors. “We’d also like to thank Ige for his contributions to the sport, the organization, and the support he’s provided to young people.”

Mr. Egal joined TIRF at its inception in 2011. He served as TIRF’s first program manager where he was responsible for the execution of a pilot project in partnership with Toronto rugby clubs and high-schools located in neighbourhood improvement areas. In 2015 Mr. Egal was appointed executive director of TIRF. Through his work with TIRF, Mr. Egal has helped young people have equitable access to organized sport and the opportunities that come along with it.

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