TIRF Executive Director Named One of Toronto’s Vital People

We are very happy to announce that Ige Egal, TIRF Executive Director (second row, fourth from the right), has been selected as one of Toronto’s Vital People! Run by the Toronto Foundation, the Vital People Grant provides emerging non-profit leaders with opportunities to elevate their skills and capacity in order to continue delivering valuable community building programs. 

This investment will allow Ige to dive into a professional development curriculum that will see him undertake financial and management courses at Rotman where he will gain strong foundational knowledge that will range from governance, to decision-making, and change management. 

In addition, this grant will allow Ige to explore the world or rugby-for-development and to share stories and strengthen partnerships with groups around the world. This will allow Ige to learn from broad forums and ensure that our mission continues to be infused with new ideas. It is also an avenue for Ige to gain some motivation and inspiration while contributing to the conversation of how we use rugby specifically, and sport more generally to impact the lives of children and youth positively off the field.

TIRF is grateful to the Toronto Foundation for this investment in TIRF and the non-profit sector. We are excited to see Ige learn and grow with this opportunity. 


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