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Barb Di Nardo - Volunteer


In 2009, my oldest went into high school. We were coaching rugby there and tried to get the kids to play club rugby and try out for the provincial team. Many of the players could not afford it, so Bill set out make rugby more accessible for all players. I have coached at this high school for the last 8 years. Bill and I both believe that through sport, people learn life skills – sportsmanship, teamwork, hard work, work connections. We want all kids to have the same opportunities and rugby builds all of those.


Friends for life


In 2016, I took Newtonbrook to OFFSAA. I didn’t think we were ready as we didn’t have many subs and we had a few injuries. I talked to the girls about what they loved about rugby- friends, hard hits etc came up. We decided that they would make new friends as our goal for the tournament. Most don’t remember how many games we won, but we did win the tournament Sportsmanship award. I was proud of the girls; they acknowledged the good runs and good plays of the other teams and made sure the other teams new it.
When I was 22, we played New Hampshire. One big girl totally ran through me, I vowed to not let that happen again. She tried and fell hard. I coach that point all time. If it happens once – fine, but don’t let it happen again.


Thanks Barb for coaching young people to become the very best version of themselves.

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