Don Valley Festival

On Wednesday, August 16, TIRF was in Don Valley to host a FREE End of Summer Festival. The festival took place at Sunnybrook Park, (Rugby Fields) and was full of outdoor rugby-orientated games, and carnival-inspired activities will leave your campers with a truly memorable summer camp experience.

The day was designed with age- and skill- appropriate activities for girls and boys between the ages of 6 to 12. Play games flag tag, flag rugby, and ultimate rugby. Check out some of our stellar photos below or read our frequently asked questions.



  • What is the TIRF Don Valley Summer Festival? – a communal gathering of summer camps and community members from across Scarborough to celebrate and promote the sport of rugby, as well as healthy living though an active lifestyles. A variety of fun and inclusive activities will run throughout the day, and prizes will be awarded.
  • Will food be provided? — Snacks: yes. Lunch: please bring your own
  • Water? – Please bring your own water bottles.
  • What should kids bring? – Sunscreen, reusable water bottle if they have, running shoes and athletic clothes
  • What activities will be there? Variety of both rugby-focused and multi-sport games, and  activities such as face-painting, temporary tattooing, and a bouncy castle!
  • Is rugby dangerous? All games are fully non-contact, and First Aid volunteers will be on site as a precaution for any minor injuries.

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